DSP Overseas is a well-known international education technology company that leverages advanced technology to effectively attract a wide range of international students to our partner schools. We are devoted to improving the student enrollment process with the help of our AI-powered platform, dspoverseas.com, which simplifies the application process and connects student profiles with suitable institutions. Our focus on fostering inclusivity in education has positioned us as a top player in the field, and we are proud of our track record in assisting students in reaching their educational aspirations.

Based in Canada with branches in the USA, India, and Nepal, we are backed by a global team of advisors and educational organizations that enroll numerous students annually.

Our goal at dspoverseas.com is to address the complex and inefficient admission process for more than 5 million students from developing countries who study abroad annually. We also understand the difficulties faced by educational institutions in attracting a diverse student body due to budget constraints, limited resources, and cultural differences, as well as the challenges agents encounter with insufficient information, lack of process expertise, and communication barriers with colleges. To tackle these issues, we have developed an innovative platform that enables agents to efficiently manage numerous student and university applications, ultimately fostering diversity within educational institutions.

Our platform is established on extensive industry knowledge, practical experience with student enrollment procedures in various countries, AI technology for matching students with suitable academic programs, and metaverse technology for networking colleges and training counsellors. Through data accessibility, automation, and advanced metaverse technology, we provide a rapid, easy, and effective process that boosts agent earnings and student enrollments, positioning us as the top choice for both agents and university partners.

We have made significant progress in some of our largest markets, such as the United States and Canada, which are top choices for students studying abroad. In the United States, more than 49% of schools work with agents for assistance with local support and student admissions. Likewise, in the United Kingdom, 95% of schools depend on agents, while in Australia and Canada, over 80% of schools make use of their services. dspoverseas.com is the leading platform for advising international students, providing a seamless solution with unique algorithms, data analysis, and a comprehensive process that distinguishes us from our competitors.