Why Study in Australia?

For over twenty years, Australian educational institutions have welcomed students from abroad. Australia prides itself on being a top destination for education, featuring world-renowned institutions, campuses, and scholars. Its multicultural and diverse educational environment draws students globally. Australia has built a stellar international reputation for excellence across all areas of education. Australia has indeed become a prominent hub for international education, attracting students from all corners of the globe for over two decades.

Varied Universities & Courses

Australian universities provide more than 10,000 courses, covering professional degrees, combined degrees, and postgraduate programs. The most popular fields of study include engineering—specifically mechanical and electrical—management and commerce, natural and physical sciences, accounting, and information technology. Australian universities offer an extensive range of educational opportunities, encompassing over 10,000 courses that cater to diverse academic and professional interests. These institutions provide a variety of programs, including undergraduate, combined degrees, and postgraduate studies.

Academic Excellence

Australian universities are renowned for their high standards in education and research. They provide globally acknowledged credentials and diverse study pathways for students.

Value Money & Saving Time

Australia is known for providing cost-effective education through its shorter and more concentrated courses, making it a more budget-friendly option than other study abroad destinations while still maintaining high educational standards.

Student Life with International Tradition

Students studying in Australia are in for a treat, as they can be assured of high-quality living standards and a warm, diverse community. The country’s reputation for its excellent education system is matched by its reputation for being a welcoming and inclusive society. Students can expect to make friends from all around the world, creating a truly global experience. Whether exploring the bustling city scenes or the serene natural landscapes, students are guaranteed to have a memorable and enriching time in Australia.

Language Skills

The programs and classes offered at universities in Australia are created in the English language. Students will familiarize themselves with Australian English.

Most universities in Australia offer a wide range of programs and classes in various disciplines, including business, engineering, and the arts. Students will have the opportunity to improve their language skills and adapt to the unique vocabulary and pronunciation found in Australian English.

Whether students are pursuing a degree in Australia or studying abroad for a semester, learning Australian English is essential for successful communication and understanding in academic settings.

English Language

The English language requirements for studying in Australian universities is:

  • Undergraduate 6.0 IELTS
  • Postgraduate 6.5 IELTS

Student Visa

The required student visa information is available at: www.homeaffairs.gov.au

Applying to Australia

Australia typically has two intake periods, which are in February and July, although some universities may have additional intakes in September and November. It is recommended to begin the application process 7-8 months before the intake you are interested in. Universities usually take 4-6 weeks to review and process applications.

Post Study Work in Australia

Upon finishing their degree, students can apply for a post study work visa. They are eligible to apply for the Skilled Graduate (Temporary) subclass 485 visa and the Business (Long Stay) subclass 457 visa after meeting all the necessary requirements.